Mannie Mendoza

I really admire your trading knowledge and expertise. Due to your service, I am now capable of being patient for a trade to develop. Since I work full time, I have the ability to place orders for trades in a timely manner, which is excellent. Thank you for your wonderful guidance.

Keith NG

Hi DT, Thanks for sharing your methods. They are very helpful for a new trader like me. They’re easy to understand and use for the current market! Love your evening newsletter for guidance. Cheers!

P.S: Good Calls on REGN, BIIB and UA lately!! Made some good swing trades.

Salimeni D.

Your advice and trade management have helped me feel much more comfortable and confident. You said, “Discover a good opportunity and capitalize on it.” That has really resonated with me. Your website has given me a sense of security that’s lacking from other sites. Many just promote buying and selling without taking into consideration risk and potential profit. I can’t thank you enough for all the research and analysis you perform in finding those trades.

Brian Walker

DT, your site is great.  You make it so easy with your specific entry and exit points. Over the years, I kept trying to learn how to trade with charts, but I’m afraid that I just lack the talent or skill. Thanks for sharing your expertise with the rest of us laymen!

Kerry Daniels

I’m truly impressed with the way you’ve been able to navigate this choppy market. I’ve now learned to be confident and selective while only taking risks that match my level of certainty. DT, Thank you so much.