As a finance professional, I’ve studied industry cycles, trends, volume, price action and the knee-jerk effects of traders’ emotions on the markets for years. If you want to be a successful day or swing trader in the U.S. or any market, you need to understand these variables too.

My Dreamers’ Trade newsletters show you how to read and understand market moves in clear, simple visuals. I only spotlight recognizable stocks with real growth opportunities and reasonable risk. (No OTC, Pink Sheet or low volume / less liquidity equities here.) And I use clear-cut graphs to show you entry prices, target prices, stop-loss prices, key support and resistance levels, gaps, and bullish trends. Plus, I explain which market variables are at work. All in an at-a-glance format you can scan quickly and conveniently on a tablet or phone.

Tired of wrestling with anxiety and buyer’s remorse? I was too. So I did what every junior trader does. I sought out help and advice from colleagues and pros. They gave me many of the insights I have today. Now, it’s your turn.

Gain more confidence in your abilities today. Make more sound trading decisions and react positively to market ripples or even tsunamis. For $43 per month, the newsletter arrives in your Inbox each evening, Monday through Thursday, so you can plan for the trading days ahead. Shrug off that doubt and start feeling good about your portfolio strategy for a change. Try it free for a week and cancel anytime.

Remember, a solid trade strategy looks like this: Have a trade idea? Make a plan to capitalize on it, ensuring proper risk control.

#1 – Calculate Risk and Plot Your Course

#2 – Recognize Patterns and Adjust Accordingly

#3 – Don’t Give In to Regret, Greed or Fear

Here are examples from recent newsletters …



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