It’s Like GPS for Traders

When you go on a road trip, what do you do first? You probably choose your destination, set your GPS and map your course. On the way, you read traffic patterns, adjust for crashes or unexpected construction, and maybe stop for some tasty snacks.

Most of all, you don’t give in to counterproductive emotions like regret (I should have left earlier), anger (Great, now, I’ll never get there before sundown) or fear (If I don’t get there before sundown, my wife / mom / client will kill me). That just makes the drive miserable.

Stock-trading is a lot like that. That’s why I designed my Dreamers’ Trade newsletter as a kind of GPS for the stock market.  At Dreamer’s Trade, our subscribers are successful because they apply the same sensible “road-trip” steps to trading.

  1. We calculate risk and plot our course.  (In other words, we know our entry points, how much we want to make from an investment, and when to exit.).
  2. We recognize stock chart patterns and technical indicators, and adjust our investments accordingly.
  3. We don’t give in to counter-productive emotions like regret, greed and fear.

With these directions, the market becomes a lot less random. You’ll sleep better and worry less.  And the returns can be exhilarating. It’s your money. Know where it’s going

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