Are you losing sleep over sinking stock positions or unhappy with your returns? Maybe you’re confused about why your stock leaped higher after you sold it to cut losses. Or you’re fearful about getting back into the market after an unexpected loss. Whether you want to learn short-term, near-term or swing trading or just sharpen your investing skills, I can help.

I’ve spent 10 years analyzing the balance sheets and stock movements of major corporations. During my daily work on the trading floor of a busy finance firm, I work with new and experienced traders handling equities, ETFs, currencies and options. I also prepare detailed analytical trade reports that calculate risk and provide comprehensive reasons for each trade for my clients. Some of their accounts are valued over $1,000,000.

But even with all this responsibility, I still remember my own first $325 profit. It happened in 30 minutes and I was over the moon. And later, when I lost money after following the advice of a well-respected market publication, I was disappointed and demoralized. I trusted them. How could this have happened? But I was also determined to understand why.

So I read all the books, and tried many different investing styles. That’s how I developed my own successful system of discretionary analysis. It takes into account technical analysis, like chart patterns, as well as fundamentals, a company’s public image, and global fears and economic cycles. Because there’s a lot more to stocks than just fundamentals. Sometimes anxiety rules the market, as in the weeks after 9/11. But once you recognize these signals, you can come out on top.

My Dreamers’ Trade newsletter highlights well-known stocks with real potential and limited downside. And I include helpful graphs to show you a stock’s support and resistance levels along with bullish trends and bearish indicators. I won’t buy a stock without putting it through my strict methodology, and I won’t let you either. Not even if Warren Buffett himself tells me the stock’s gold-plated. Because buying a stock without a plan is just like gambling with your life savings. Or driving aimlessly without a destination.

Don’t just wander the market, navigate it with Dreamers’ Trade, GPS for traders.
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